Clarendon Group USA provides real estate management services for office, retail and mixed use properties in city center urban areas. Clarendon is a full service real estate management firm that combines both property and asset management functions in an integrated program. Clarendon’s core strength is that it approaches each project with a unique combination of experience and vitality, professionalism and enthusiasm. Clarendon offers a “menu” approach to real estate management that may be tailored to a specific owners needs.

Our experienced team of real estate professionals focuses on responding to tenants’ needs and creating safe, clean and sustainable environments by focusing on optimal operating efficiency. The Clarendon team delivers optimum results – assessing the most efficient way to run a property to generate return for investors by promoting tenant satisfaction and retention, reducing operating expenses and responding to market trends to maintain a competitive edge. Clarendon approaches each project with a focus on recognizing value added opportunities achievable through experienced improvisation and its strategic relationships with real estate end users.


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